Mystic World Drums sources top quality professional Hand Drums and accessories from around the World.

Mystic World Drums has partnered with Gawharet El Fan and are proud to be official East Coast USA distributor of Gawharet El Fan products.

Gawharet El Fan are creators of the most gorgeous Mother of Pearl inlay top quality professional Egyptian Darbuka, Riqq, & Duff.

Mystic World Drums believes that top professional quality drums hand-crafted by the drum makers around the world should be available direct from the makers.

We do not sell mass-produced drums copied from different cultures around the world.

We are currently specializing in Egyptian Dubreka, Duff, and Riqq crafted by Egyptian Drum Makers Gawharet El Fan.

Only Professional quality instruments direct from the Makers

We source out the designers and makers of drums found throughout the world and create partnerships so the hard work, artistic crafting and beautiful sounding instruments can be made available and the artists/makers can be paid directly for their incredible work.

We take pride in our commitment to provide only the best quality hand drums, instruments, and accessories sourced directly from the creators / makers / manufactures. We believe in the Fair Trade system and ensure the craftworkers of the instruments are compensated directly & fairly.


Other Items

Announcing the Isis Dubreka

The Mother of Pearl inlay in this drum is out of this World! Featuring Isis the Egyptian Goddess of Love Magic and Beauty with other Pharaonic scenes.
This dubreka empowers the player with the energy of Love and Magic and has the professional sound quality expected from Gawharet El Fan.

The Egyptian Riqq

The Riqq (also spelled Rek, riq or rik) is a type of tambourine used as a traditional instrument in Arabic music. It is an important instrument in both folk and classical music throughout the Arabic-speaking world. The body is decorated with elaborate geometric Mother of Pearl inlay . The wooden frame has four double rows of slots with pairs of cymbals that create a bright metallic jingle when the instrument is struck or shaken. Although in the West the tambourine is generally considered to be a simple rhythm instrument suited for unskilled performers, riqq players are capable of great subtlety and virtuosity.